Privacy Policy

Cookies are small files that are used to anonymously store information about the pages you have visited. They aim to improve the site with regards to your interests and preferences. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes and are collected anonymously.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is sent to your computer from a website the first time you visit the site. It is stored on your computer. A cookie is just a text file, and thus cannot damage your computer in any way. The information stored in a cookie contains no personal information such as name, email address or other personal information. A cookie is comparable to an electronic business card that is unique to your computer. The cookie’s task is to identify you when you return to the website. Cookies are not harmful.

Different kinds of cookies

Text cookies: A cookie is a small text file that allows a website to recognize the visitor. Text cookies contain no personal information. A website can only read cookies that it has created itself.

Session cookies: In order for a website to be able to distinguish the various visitors from each other, it uses session cookies. This type of cookie is stored only as long as the visitor’s browser is open. The cookie creates a unique identity for the visitor while visiting the website. It is then removed.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies improve the user experience and have statistical purposes. Most websites use cookies, in order to know how often you visit the site and to determine what is of interest to you. This way, the content of the website can be tailored to you and your preferences.

What are web beacons?

Web beacons are small graphic images that are used to send anonymous statistics to a statistics tool, which monitors how the website is used. These graphics are invisible to the visitor.

Avoid cookies

If you wish, you can choose to block cookies in your browser. You do this by going into the security settings of your browser. This may mean that you are unable to use certain services on some websites. If you are unsure how to block cookies, contact your IT support or your local computer store.

Cookies on uses both cookies and web beacons. This includes text cookies that are stored on your computer for a maximum of one year and session cookies which exist only for 20 minutes while you are visiting the website, and then disappear. uses cookies for anonymous statistics collection, to see how the site is being used and what visitors find interesting. You can use this link to cancel / suspend your computer for transmitting statistical information when you visit this website. Please note that this only applies to the computer you are currently using and for this website. If you want to do it for multiple websites / computers, you have to do this for each individual website and pc.