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Nutramunity™ is available as NBG® Particulate.

Scientific and technical expertise ensures that the native beta-1,3/1,6-glucan molecular structure of Nutramunity™ is kept intact during the isolation process. Well-established production processes ensure a high degree of batch-to-batch consistency. Nutramunity™s beta-1,3/1,6-glucan structure has been confirmed by 13C-NMR analysis.

Different grades of Nutramunity™ Beta-Glucan


  • Naturally-derived
  • Bioactive
  • GMP
  • Non-GMO
  • Halal-certified
  • Kosher-certified
  • EU Novel Food approved (food grade)
  • GRAS (food grade)
  • Informed-Sport™ and Informed-Choice™ certified (food grade for sports nutrition)
  • No gluten/lactose
  • Non-allergenic
  • Non-immunogenic

A Certificate of Analysis (CoA) is provided with every batch. Product Specifications (PS), Product Data Sheets (PDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available for all grades.