Immune health is key for all age groups. Nutramunity™ Beta-Glucan is the perfect immunity ingredient for both oral intake and application to the skin.

Immune health is important for everybody, regardless of lifestyle, age or profession. Everyday, the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle places significant demands on our immune system.

5 effects Nutramunity™ has on the human body

  • Improves immune function (oral intake)
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response (oral intake)
  • Supports mucosal immunity and promotes respiratory health (oral intake)
  • Stimulates the skin’s ability to repair, renew and protect itself (topical application)
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles (topical application)

Immunity for life

Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy immune system. According to the Council for Responsible Nutrition Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements (2013/2014), immune health consistently appears among the top 5 health concerns of supplement users in the US. Nutramunity™ helps the immune system to cope with the daily challenges – all year round.

Who will benefit from Nutramunity™?

Immune health is important for everybody, independent of lifestyle, age or profession. Nevertheless, there are some target groups that are especially prone to infections:

  • Stressed people have higher levels of hormones that weaken the immune defense
  • Families with kids are often troubled with colds, flu and tummy bugs that kids get at nursery and school
  • Elderly are more vulnerable to infections due to age-related deterioration of immune functions
  • Healthcare professionals are in everyday contact with patients, many of which carry contagious diseases
  • People on travel encounter alien microbes and their immune systems often struggle to cope
  • Athletes expose themselves to hard physical stress, leaving them more prone to disease